ATV Accessories To Use While Tending To A Food Plot

If you are creating a food plot on your land that will contribute to attracting deer, you may already be using your ATV to transport you to the land where planting and harvesting will take place. The following accessories can aid you while preparing the land and tending to the crops. 

A Seed Spreader Attachment

A seed spreader that is designed to be connected to an off-road vehicle will consist of a canister, framework, and a hitch. Explore different seed spreader setups. Some models may feature dual or quad wheels, a waterproof cover, and an automatic dispensing mechanism. There are also models that can be detached from an ATV and pushed along the property where seeds will be spread.

The size of your food plot and the type of ATV that you own should be assessed prior to purchasing a spreader. A spreader will reduce the amount of manpower needed to prepare the food plot and will eliminate needing to rely upon other types of machinery.

A Trailer

If you are going to be trimming overgrowth or applying pesticides in the area where crops are growing, you may need to bring rakes, buckets, clippers, and other gardening tools with you during each plot maintenance session. A trailer that is designed to be pulled behind an ATV can be used to haul all of the gear that you will be using. Shop for a trailer that consists of a metal or wooden bed or one that contains a bed and a border.

ATV trailers that are listed through a seller will contain information about the dimensions of each unit and its maximum weight capacity. Some trailers may be better suited for a specific size of ATV. When shopping for this type of accessory, filter your search results, by entering the make and model of the ATV that you will use to haul materials.

A Dust Mask

You may encounter dust when driving across dry patches of earth. The dust may interfere with your ability to breathe normally. To prevent inhaling dust, cover your mouth and nose with a dust mask. A dust mask can be used while using your ATV to conduct agricultural activities and while participating in off-road adventures. Purchase a mask that is lightweight and that contains a color or pattern that is complementary to the ATV model that you own. 

For more information on accessories for ATVs, visit a local outdoor sporting store.