Why You Should Choose A Motorcycle With A Front Fairing

If you're shopping for a motorcycle and are evaluating several different styles and the features that they offer, one thing that you should notice is which motorcycles come with a front fairing. This term describes a sleek shell that is mounted to the front of the frame, typically just behind the front tire. Many styles of motorcycle feature front fairings, although you'll likely notice that fairings can come in a multitude of designs. Here are some reasons that you should give serious consideration to buying a motorcycle that is equipped with this design feature.

Protection From Road Debris

When you're riding on the road, the last thing that you want is for a piece of road debris to make contact with your body. While your helmet will protect your face and head, and your motorcycle's windshield will protect your torso to some degree, your legs can be exposed on a bike that doesn't have a front fairing. Vehicles ahead of you can fling small rocks and other debris toward you, and even a small rock can cause a serious injury to one of your legs. A front fairing will provide protection against such debris, giving you a high rate of confidence when you ride behind other vehicles.

Shelter From The Elements

While most motorcyclists look forward to riding on days that the conditions are perfect, you can still occasionally find yourself riding when it's cold and wet. A bike that has a front fairing can shelter your lower body from the elements to some degree. For example, on a cold day, you won't feel the wind on your legs nearly as much when they're tucked behind the fairing. When you're riding in the rain, the fairing will deflect some of the rain so that it doesn't saturate your legs. The result can be that you're able to ride in more comfort during inclement conditions.

Better Aerodynamics

A front fairing will also help to make your motorcycle more aerodynamic. When you look at the design of this feature, you'll typically find that it's curved so that it deflects air away from the front of the bike. Improved aerodynamics can play a positive role in gas mileage. If you have plans to spend a lot of time traveling on your new motorcycle and you want to get the best gas mileage that you can, a bike that has a front fairing is one way that you can achieve this goal.