3 Essential Pieces Of Motocross Safety Gear

Whether you are a dirt bike enthusiast or you race professionally, you need to make sure that you protect yourself while riding. The quality of your gear is as important as the power of your bike's motor. It is often said that there is no reward without risk, and motocross is definitely an adrenaline fueled sport; however, there are ways to reduce your risk without your adrenaline rush taking a hit too. Preparation before each ride is key. Make sure that you are healthy and well enough to ride. Outfit yourself with gear that keeps you safe and makes you confident. Here are three essential pieces of motocross gear.

Flexible knee sleeves

Your knee braces carry out the important function of shielding your knees from any potential impact. Protecting your body is certainly a key aspect of participating safely in motocross. However, you may find that you are uncomfortable underneath your braces. Flexible knee sleeves are the perfect way to combat chafing and sweating. Soft and lightweight, knee sleeves conform to your legs like a second skin without making you overheat. They protect your knees from chafing underneath your braces and also serve to wick away sweat, making your ride much more comfortable.

Solid leather riding boots

A house is only as good as its foundation, and a good foundation for your motocross gear is a reliable pair of boots. Your boots should be sturdy and tough enough to protect your feet and ankles. They should also be comfortable, because impaired movement can lead to muscular injury. Your boots should be capable of absorbing shock and should also shield your toes and shins from impact. You should be able to move your ankle, but your boot should fit well so that you do not strain or twist it. You should feel comfortable shifting and adjusting your feet while wearing your boots, because that can make all the difference when you are riding on uneven terrain.

Spine protecting armor

Of all of the injuries to sustain in any sport, an injury to the spine is the worst and the hardest to recover from. Your riding gear should include spine protecting armor that is reinforced with plenty of padding. You can hurt your back in any number of ways, from straining your muscles to fracturing your vertebrae. Spine protecting armor helps to shield your back in case of impact. The heavy armor also helps with your posture so that you do not twist the wrong way while riding.

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